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DD Remapping – Car Png _ Site
DD Remapping – Car Png _ Site
Vehicles Supported


Dpf Cleaning

Custom ECU Remapping

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Who Are We Exactly?

DD remapping are A dedicated provider of remapping and DPF cleaning services. We use the most up to date, genuine, specialist remapping software to enhance your vehicle’s power, economy & torque.

How We Do It?

We understand that remapping can only be as good as the tuner writing the files for it. We only use genuine custom coded tuning files provided by the most premium, professional tuners. we invest heavily in brands like Dimsport, CMD, Autotuner, Alientech and Magic Motorsport. This is to stay up to date with the latest and most advanced tuning equipment on the market to provide the safest possible service.

Too often, clients come to us with bad remapping files due to other companies attempts with substandard knowledge and tools. Our advice – Don’t take the risk by going to these fly by night cowboys using clone tools And generic poorly written files, come to us to have it done properly the first time.

Our Services Can Be Divided Into These Three Main Categories :-

ECU Remapping

Unleashing the true potential of A vehicle, depending on our customer’s requirements this could be simply to extract as much performance as possible or to generate the most amount of fuel efficiency by remapping . All our maps are fully custom.

EGR/DPF Delete

Solutions to bypass the often unnecessary components and features installed on today’s modern vehicles. This can be for performance or just simply as a more cost effective solution than replacing a faulty component. E.G. Bypassing the EGR system to improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

DPF Solutions

We have a vast amount of experience with DPF systems on modern diesel vehicles and we can offer a wide range of services. From cleaning, to removal, to replacement, we offer a professional solution to suit your need’s.


Improved Fuel Economy
Increased Horsepower
Increased Torque
Better Throttle Response
Smoother Power Delivery
Safer Overtaking
Improved Towing Ability

We Are Experts In ECU Remapping And Chip Tuning For Both Petrol And Diesel Engine’s. We Offer A Professional Mobile Service Across Most Parts Of Yorkshire, Sheffield, Mansfield, Pontefract, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Retford, Rotherham, Worksop, Derbyshire,Bradford, Brigg, Castleford, Chesterfield, Doncaster,  Scunthorpe, Selby, Gainsborough, Goole, Howden, Leeds, Barnsley. We Offer Our Clients The Best Possible Custom Remap’s On The Market, And We Work With Only The Most Experienced And Reliable Tuning Companies.

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